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Benefits of Getting Plant Maintenance Services Philadelphia

If you work in a Philadelphia office that has a lot of living plants indoors, you likely spend time on occasion looking after the plants, making sure they are still doing well. This usually involves watering them, moving them around to get sunlight from a different direction, and generally keeping an eye on them to see that they are still doing fine. These plants could be indoors or outdoors, and dress up the way that the office looks for both clients and employees. The only issue here is that it can be tiring expecting employees to always take good care of plants when this is not even a part of their job description or their skill set going into the company. They might not be the most excited about having this extra responsibility, especially if they are not very knowledgeable about plant maintenance and what plants need at any point in time to do well. For businesses that are in such a situation, it is often a good idea to hire plant maintenance services Philadelphia has in order to keep up with the plants you have. This can get them the care they need, while relieving this extra burden from you and your employees. If you are still unsure about what plant maintenance services Philadelphia would have to offer you, then we have some of the biggest benefits listed right here for your consideration.

Good for Morale
Maintaining the plant life in the workplace can be good for employee morale since plants are known for being calming and having therapeutic benefits. People would much rather see plants thriving and doing well than slowly fading away before their very eyes. Seeing life growing beautifully in front of them is good for the spirits. They can watch these plants continue to grow and prosper in front of them with the proper amount of love and care.

Keep Up Appearances
The way that your office looks impacts the impression that clients or potential clients have on the business. A row of poorly treated plants will not leave a very good impression overall, but healthy, well-maintained plants certainly can look good for your business. If it takes hiring plant maintenance services Philadelphia offers, then it is worth the modest investment in the appearance of your business.

Generally speaking, if your company has a fair amount of plants that you feel your employees are not the most equipped to handle, or you feel like their time would be better spent on other responsibilities related to work, it could be a good idea for you to call upon the plant maintenance services Philadelphia has to offer and utilize that resource. It is a good decision for the welfare of the plants and relieves your employees of a task that they may not be fully equipped for. You can find some excellent plant maintenance services Philadelphia has over at plantscapesusa.com where the team visits your workplace to maintain the plants regularly. Check out the exact services they offer and see if this is the sort of thing your office has been needing.

Just A Few Reasons to Invest in an Office Plant Arrangement

You may have heard about some of the many benefits that an office plant arrangement or an indoor plant arrangement might have for your office or your home. It’s talked about, often mentioned fondly, but rarely are many of the benefits of investing in an office plant arrangement carefully enumerated and explained. It's true that there are many positive effects that an indoor plant arrangement could have for your office, and here are only a few of the best of them. When you find an Office Plant Service provider to put together an arrangement for you, here are some of the benefits that you might see after implementation.



Perhaps the most critical benefits of having plants around an office are the direct effects that such an arrangement will have on the people who occupy and work in the space. Among the positive effects that plants have on those in indoor spaces is the ability to reduce stress, make an interior welcoming, uplift moods and enhance productivity. Without even scratching the surface several benefits have come to light - and each of them nearly better than the last. Employees who work in a space that features an arrangement of plants report less stress, feel better and overall are more productive than otherwise reported. Stress is one of the conditions in offices that managers and psychologists frequently point to as an adverse condition that needs to be addressed or lessened. After all, stress not only lowers quality of life - it hinders performance and productivity. Perhaps that’s why it follows that boosted productivity is another asset to be gained from the introduction of live plants into your office.


Past the glaring benefits that indoor plants can have on personnel, there are the effects that an arrangement can have on the physical quality of the office. Indoor plants help cleanse the air and remove toxins that accumulate inside buildings, and they also help to lower noise levels. In turn, these factors have a net positive impact on those who conduct business within - lower noise levels are more welcoming and less stressful, and the purification of the air is a health benefit to be passed on to all within. It all comes together to make a workspace more welcoming, less intimidating, and more conducive to a feeling of wellness.


So when you need an office plant service to help you design, create and install your chosen plants, choose to go with the best. Choose to go with Plantscapes U.S.A., where you will find that service second to none. Choose Plantscapes U.S.A. and they will evaluate your site, design an arrangement for your space, and then not only install it but continue to maintain it so that your employees and your plants are happy and healthy. Rarely will you encounter an office plant service provider that takes such a holistic and consultative approach for designing indoor plant arrangements that are particularly designed for each setting. To learn more about the benefits that an indoor plant arrangement might have for your spaces and to read more about what Plantscapes U.S.A. can do for you, head to PlantscapesUSA.com today.

Three Reasons to Invest In Interior Plant Design

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of having indoor plants through the grapevine. The truth is, you could fill up pages and pages on the benefits that Interior Plant Design can have on a space and its occupants, whether they are members of a home or employees in an office. Regardless, here are three of the top reported and best-attested benefits that you might see from bringing plants into your spaces.
To Improve Air Quality
This one is well attested, and though some intangible benefits of having plants indoors might be subjective or anecdotal, there’s solid science behind this. Plants will help cleanse the air of volatile organic compounds and other pollutants while also providing oxygen naturally. Moreover, they help to regulate humidity in a space, which puts you and others at a lower risk of respiratory trouble and promotes a healthy immune system. There’s little else you can do to have such a positive impact on the air quality in your home or office than include plants, and you’ll get the added benefits to boot.
To Make A Space Feel Safe And Inviting
This may be because too much negative space in a room makes it seem open and bare, subconsciously triggering our need to seek shelter, but one way or the other, interior plant design makes a space feel welcoming and safe. Of course, only subjective metrics can be used to gauge this effect, but overwhelmingly people report that spaces that include plants in their design are not only less intimidating than empty spaces but feel safe as well. Plants also help to absorb loud noises and block out direct light when aptly placed, providing even more of a close feeling of security.
To Help Inhabitants Mitigate Stress
Not only does caring for live plants provide one with a sense of purpose and pride, but just being in close proximity to live plants can help people cope with stressors. There is also evidence to suggest that touching or being near live plants can encourage growth in the plant and lower stress in the individual, somewhat similar to how it has been observed that some pet owners experience less stress as well.
Let Plantscapes Tackle Your Interior Plant Design
Of course, this is only a cursory investigation into some of the benefits you might experience from an interior plant design. Either way, the benefits of plant design are certain, and if you’re looking for some professional help with filling your interior design with plants, your best bet is Plantscapes U.S.A. Plantscapes U.S.A. will come in, assess your environment and your goals, and then not only design the arrangement for you, but they will install it as well. As for continuing care for your live plants, Plantscapes will help maintain your living arrangements, giving you not only the best product but the best service as well. If you’re looking for a professional service to help you with your vision for indoor plants, Plantscapes U.S.A. is poised to deliver. Visit PlantscapesUSA.com today and to get started and see what they can do for you.

Give Your Office New Life With Plantscapes USA

If your office lacks a little something and you simply aren’t sure what that something is, keep reading. It may even be that your office is welcoming and inviting already but you just feel that a little extra life is in order, then the perfect solution may be right at hand. For a list of tangible and intangible benefits that actually need to be enumerated and then experienced to be believed, you may wish to revamp your office setting with a living interior plant arrangement from Plantscapes USA.


Even for a setting to which you would give the descriptors ‘bright,’ ‘lively’ and ‘uplifting’ to begin with, an interior plantscape design can work wonders the environment both in ways that can be measured and ways that can only be experienced. The list of potential benefits is truly staggering, and herein only a few are explored - it’s worth researching more. When you are considering an Interior Plantscaping Company Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA should be your number one choice for the following reason.



Firstly are the qualitative reasons. Your space will be given highlights and points of focus, giving the room definition and increasing the space within while at the same time diminishing the presence of open and unfilled space. The plants you choose to include in a space will make it feel not only more inviting but also more secure. Plants are also effective at diminishing and absorbing ambient noise, furthering their role in creating a feeling of security and serenity. Then, of course, is the overall appeal of the arrangement you choose, which will be appreciated in a different fashion by each observer.


The tangible benefits are even more impressive and swaying. You want to create a space for your employees that not only fits the above description but in which employees are healthier, experience a boost in positivity and are more productive. Incorporating living plants into the setup of an environment will detoxify the air, absorbing harmful compounds and will also regulate the humidity to within a healthy range. On top of these health benefits, those who interact within spaces incorporating plants into their design report enhanced well being, higher positivity, better moods, and a feeling of boosted productivity.


These are actually only a few of the items that could be included in a list of reasons why interior plant decorations and arrangements are useful and beneficial to a space, but they are compelling enough in their own rights. The balance of qualitative and quantitative bonuses is impressive, and when you’re looking for an interior plantscaping company Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA is hard to beat.


Not only will Plantscapes USA offer you a free consultation, but they will work with you to ascertain the needs of your spaces, and then design and install those arrangements. Plantscapes USA doesn’t just call it there, because even after the implementation of their design they will maintain their arrangements, a true testament to their professionalism and passion for the functional art they create. The benefits are mounting, but you can learn more and see what Plantscapes USA can do for you by visiting PlantscapesUSA.com.

Improving Your Space With Indoor Office Plants

Office spaces are often plain environments designed to minimize distractions and increase productivity. While this sounds like a good idea, in theory, it can leave employees mentally drained to be in such a spartan space. One perfect way to increase your office productivity is to add Indoor Office Plants. Not only will planting your space affect the aesthetics of your office, but it can also have a profound effect on your employees’ mental and physical health.


The most obvious effect of adding plants to your office is how it changes the way the space feels. Plants bring life into a space and they will make your office feel like a more comfortable space. This will not only make your employees happier to be at work but will also make your office more impressive to visiting clients and interviewees.



In addition to making your space a place your employees will feel more comfortable, they can also increase productivity in other ways. One nice thing about plants is that they can offer a brief distraction without being overly engaging. Mental breaks are important to productivity and staring at a plant will last a few seconds, while staring at a screen can eat up minutes of valuable time. Larger plants can also absorb sound in your office, creating a more tranquil working environment.


In addition to making your employees more mentally focused, your indoor office plants can also increase their physical health. Plants are breathing constantly, just like us. When they respirate, they help to filter the air. They can remove volatile organic compounds, dust, and other airborne contaminants. This is an amazing benefit of a planted space that can help combat the dreaded sick building syndrome.


Another way plants contribute to office health is humidity control. Dry air can make it much easier for employees to become sick. When plants exhale, they breathe out oxygen and water vapor. In dry spaces, this water vapor can help keep the air comfortably humid. If the air in your office becomes too humid, plants can also absorb water from the air. This creates a humidity controlled environment that will help keep your employees from getting sick at work.


You can experience all of the benefits of indoor office plants without needing to have a green thumb. Instead of having to worry about plant maintenance, you can experience all of the benefits of a planted office space without any work by hiring a plant maintenance service. These services will install and regularly maintain your plants so they stay gorgeous all year with no need to water or fertilize.


If your business is in the greater Philadelphia area, Plantscapes USA is a plant maintenance service that can help transform your office space. We are happy to offer free plant consultation to interested businesses and a member of our team will visit our clients two to four times per month to ensure plant health and replace ailing plants. If you are interested in our services, you can contact us at 610-329-3935.

Spruce Up Your Office with Interior Design Plants

The layout of your office space can greatly affect your employees’ desire to work. More and more companies are focusing on creating warm and inviting spaces for their employees. When employees have a vibrant space to work in, it’s easier for them to focus and feel engaged with their work. One of the best ways to make your workspace more inviting is the addition of Interior Design Plants.
The inclusion of plants in your office’s design is an amazing way to transform your space. There is something about plants that people love. Walking into a planted office instantly stimulates the senses and puts people at ease. For office spaces that regularly experience client visits or conduct interviews, the aesthetics of a planted space makes a powerful first impression.
Interior plants are not just for impressing visitors, the biggest difference they will make is in your employees. Employees who work in planted spaces tend to outperform those who do not. There are several possible reasons for this.
Plants create buffers for containing noise pollution, making it much easier to concentrate. There are also noted correlations between workplace happiness and the presence of plants. Just being able to see a plant while working can increase focus and productivity.
Another benefit for your employees is the fact that indoor plants literally breathe life into a room. The process of respiration also keeps the air at an ideal level of humidity. Dry air can negatively impact employee health, so a well-planted office can reduce the number of sick days your employees take.
Interior design plants also filter the air in your workspace. Office buildings often suffer from sick building syndrome, a general malaise experienced by office workers. The combination of mold, dust, and off-gassing from various man-made materials can create an atmosphere that is thought to cause this syndrome. Adding office plants will keep the air in your office clean and your employees’ heads clear.
Luckily you don’t need to have a green thumb to achieve all of these amazing results. At Plantscapes USA, we design gorgeous planted spaces for businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. Our designers specialize in working with your business to layout the perfect plant installation. With our huge selection of gorgeous plants and containers, we can add a living touch to your space that your employees and clients will love.
We choose plants that will stay healthy and vibrant based on your office’s light levels. Our maintenance technicians will visit your office 2 to 4 times a month to water and ensure the health of all of your plants. We offer free replacement of any deteriorating plants to avoid any eyesores in your office. We will also clean the plant containers, fertilize your plants, and replace any Spanish moss to ensure all your interior design plants remain gorgeous.
To create the perfect office environment, give our team a call and set up a free horticultural consultation 610-329-3935. We know you’ll love both the look of your newly planted office and the difference it makes in your employees.

Finding the Right Indoor Office Plants for Your Business

Offices are places we have to go to, and a dreary office is rarely filled with happy employees. Having plants in your office environment is a simple way to create a better workspace. Indoor office plants are a simple, gorgeous, option that can add a little extra warmth to any space. They not only make your workplace more attractive, but they can actually help your workforce’s performance.
There has been a huge amount of research on why plants are so great for our physical and mental health. Though we can only speculate the cause, numerous studies on the subject have come to one simple conclusion: we like plants.
There’s something about watching plants grow and thrive that human beings love. Maybe it’s our connection to nature, the clean air plants produce, or just the psychological effect of the color green. The fact is that employees in a planted office are less stressed and more productive. For businesses trying to get more out of their employees, adding some indoor office plants is a simple but effective way to reach your goals.
Having a planted office doesn’t mean you’ll also be managing a full-time greenhouse. The experts at Plantscapes USA have helped many businesses in the Philadelphia area add greenery to their workspaces. When deciding what plants are best for your office, we have a few tips to make sure your setup stays healthy and green.
The following low maintenance indoor office plants are a great way to add some life to your workplace without requiring daily attention.
  • Spider Plant - A great option for a hanging or elevated plant that can really help air quality and can handle low light and intermittent watering.
  • Pothos - An attractive vine with heart-shaped leaves, these plants need an occasional soak, but they are extremely hardy. Once they grow too long, break the vine in half, tuck the new end into the soil, and it will root in no time.
  • Snake Plant - These gorgeous plants are unique and tough. They can survive an entire winter with only a few waterings and they don’t need a ton of light.
  • Bamboo - Lucky bamboo is an easy plant that loves light and it regularly is woven into unique patterns.
  • ZZ Plant - Another plant that requires only occasional watering, the ZZ plant loves indirect light and can grow up to 2 feet tall.
  • Air Plants - One of the simplest options, these plants have roots that function as an anchor. They absorb all their nutrients and water through the air. An occasional spray of water is enough to keep these attractive plants healthy.
By adding these plants to your office, you can make an environment that your employees will love working in without needing constant care. If the idea of finding the perfect plants and maintaining them seems daunting, you can find an office plant service to help.
Plantscapes USA can help Philadelphia area businesses set up and maintain their planted spaces. We offer plant care services 2 to 4 times a month to care for your indoor office plants and replace any ailing plants so your office always looks amazing. Give us a call today and let us help you transform your office into a working space that is healthier and more productive.

Corporate Plant Service for Your Office in Philadelphia

Is something missing from your office environment? Is the ambiance falling slightly short of ideal? Could your corporate atmosphere use some overtones of peace and ease? Oftentimes workplaces are drab, angular and unwelcoming, creating a sense of frenzy and disarray, but this doesn’t need to be the case, and in many cases, the solution is a simple one. If any of these is fitting, the answer very well could be a renovation including an original plantscape design from Plantscapes USA, and for corporate plant service Philadelphia, they are just the people for the job. From the initial assessment to the design and implementation of the arrangement, Plantscapes USA are the experts for the job.



Live plants not only improve the experience in an area but they promote healthy air quality and help to keep the air clean. Offices are rife with unsavory chemicals and pollutants, and contributing to the removal of toxins from an atmosphere as well as to the available oxygen are only a few of the benefits of a sensible and professional plantscape in an office. You’ll have the added benefit that plants offer of regulating the humidity in a given space and keeping it within a reasonable range for optimum health and wellness.


It’s a fact that well-designed layouts incorporating live plants have a significant positive impact on those that occupy and utilize the workplace. Among these benefits is the simple fact that plants increase the productivity of the employees in an office. A plantscape is also effective at inducing a sense of well being and overall positive vibes in a given space. Where two spaces are identical in every respect with the sole exception that one incorporates a layout with live plants, the plant enlivened space is going to see an increase in productivity as well as a boost to morale for those in its vicinity. Then, of course, there’s no disputing the positive and immediate impact a living arrangement has on the senses when one is in its presence. Plants induce relaxation, satisfaction, and happiness. These are only a few of the intangibles that will accompany your return on investment into an original plantscape from Plantscapes USA. From healthy air quality to the feelings of well being that plant arrangements will engender, a plantscape arrangement will enhance your space.


You’ll experience these benefits and more when you partner with Plantscapes USA to handle your needs for corporate plant service Philadelphia. What sets Plantscapes apart from the competition is their passion for their product that drives every other aspect of their business. Plantscapes will come in to assess your situation before making recommendations and designing plans and then will take over the reins of the process. Plantscapes will consider your environment and location, and then not only design but install and maintain their arrangements for your satisfaction. So when your office space is lacking a certain vibe and you’d like to see a boost in employee satisfaction and productivity, Plantscapes USA is the place to call. Call 610-329-3925 or head to PlantscapesUSA.com today for a free consultation.

For Professional Indoor Office Plant Service in Philadelphia, Go with Plantscapes USA

Lack of productivity, low employee morale, and a counterproductive office setting are only a few of the common problems faced by many offices throughout the country. These problems are just the same and just as common close to home. Oftentimes, a drab and uninviting office will not foster a welcoming atmosphere that stimulates feelings of wellness and motivation. Sometimes, the alteration of the most minute details and the inclusion of the smallest things will make a huge difference on the impact an environment within an office will have on its frequents.



One of the simplest, most cost effective and noticeable measures that can be undertaken to improve the mood of an environment is to have a tasteful arrangement of living plants installed into a space. Plants offer many tangible benefits as well as intangibles, such as improving the overall air quality of a space and regulating humidity. Overall, however, the introduction of live plants into a setting will vastly improve the mood of the environment. Those in contact with such a setting are likely to feel positive, motivated and experience a boost in productivity of overall well being. The benefits are manifold, and for indoor office plants services Philadelphia, the clear leader is Plantscapes USA.


Driven by people who are not only experts in their field but absolutely passionate about what they do, the team at Plantscapes USA is second to none when it comes to interior plant design (and exterior for that matter). Plantscapes will work with you to plan the design that best suits the needs of your office setting, location and environment for maximum satisfaction and efficacy. After assessing your office setup, they will install the live plants according to the design and even after will maintain the arrangement to ensure healthy, vibrant plantscapes for time to come.


When it comes to outfitting offices with the highest quality, healthiest installations of plants, Plantscapes is second to none, and there are essentially only benefits to a well designed and meticulously maintained plantscape - healthier, more productive employees and an overall more inviting atmosphere to top it all off. Your air will be cleaner and healthier, your office space will seem brighter and more welcoming, and your employees and you alike will reap the blessing of the positive impacts of plants. That’s why you can turn to Plantscapes USA for indoor office plants services Philadelphia.


As effective as the corporate arrangements designed and installed by Plantscapes USA are, however, they are much more than just office plants. They specialize in the planning and implementation of exterior arrangements as well, and offer seasonal arrangements and event arrangements. Best of all, their expertise and beneficence are not limited to the sphere of business, as Plantscapes USA is the proud plantscape outfitter of homes and other residences as well as their corporate clients. You’ll enjoy their plant provisioning so well that you may find yourself gearing up with them to set up your home as well. Head to PlantscapesUSA.com or call 610.329.3935 today to see how Plantscapes USA can revolutionize your office.

Transform Your Office Space into a Paradise with Plantscapes USA

An encyclopedia could be filled with entries on the benefits of keeping plants around the home or office. Volumes could be filling on the tangible and intangible benefits of and the cathartic presence of plants. It’s no surprise that keeping, caring for, or simply being in the presence of plants is beneficial to the health of body and spirit. To begin with, it’s an age-old fact that plants improve the quality and circulation of the air in a space. Interestingly enough, although perhaps lesser known is the ability of plants to lower background noise and help mitigate the effects of a distractingly noisy environment. Perhaps best of all, plants help to reduce stress and induce a feeling of well being in their vicinity.



Proximity to plants also helps people feel happier in the presence of plants and are more productive and effective when their environment incorporates natural features like plants. Businesses have long known that creating a welcoming, relaxing and secure environment helps to boost productivity as well as satisfaction in employees. One of the simplest ways to do this is with the sensible inclusion of a customized environment that incorporates indoor plants into its design. To ensure your trust in only the best when creating this, partner with Plantscapes USA. For office plant service Philadelphia, Plantscapes is the place to go.


For years, Plantscapes U.S.A. has been planning, designing, implementing and maintaining live plants in indoor and outdoor setting for their clients. With the closest attention to the ambient locale, the intentions of the occupants and the mood of the setting, Plantscapes U.S.A. has created the finest designs and risen above the competition to become the premier designer of such spaces. With Plantscapes, you’re not just thumbing through a catalog or walking up and down the rows at a nursery wondering what plants to buy or plant or where and why.


With Plantscapes you are partnering with a consultative staff of experts who will investigate your space, make suggestions while considering the layout of the area and then oversee and execute the installation of live plants. They also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the health of their designs for time to come. Few providers in any industry go so far as to oversee a process from production to finish, and Plantscapes stands above the rest for office plant service Philadelphia. When you need a design created that effectively and seamlessly incorporates plants into an environment where everyone will flourish, there is no competition.


So if your office is in need of some renovation and you’re not sure which direction to take it but you know that a boost in satisfaction and productivity is in order, Plantscapes U.S.A. is the place to turn to. The health benefits are clearly enumerated, the effect on productivity and satisfaction are past doubt. Creating an original planted design will benefit everyone involved. Head right to PlantscapesUSA.com and get planning today.

Brighten up Your Business with Office Plant Services

A planted office is a happy office. We know it seems kind of cheesy, but it’s really true. We’re living in a data-fueled age, and now companies are starting to notice positive trends in workspaces with healthy indoor plants. These data trends suggest that using an office plant service isn’t just excellent for aesthetics, but it can actually improve your bottom line.



How are plants going to help your office? Simply put, when you have a live plant in your line of sight, it reduces stress. Something about having beautiful living things sharing our space makes people comfortable. Maybe it’s because plants trigger our nostalgic connection to nature or its just the fact that the color green tends to make people feel calm and secure. Whatever the reason, the correlation points to a planted office space leading to a more productive workforce.


On top of helping your employees stay in a positive headspace, planted workplaces are healthier than spartan offices. It’s believed plants improve employee health in a couple of ways. The most obvious contribution is that, just like us, our office plants are constantly breathing. Not only do plants exhale oxygen, but they clean the air while they work.


The man-made materials used in office spaces naturally off-gas chemicals. Paint, plastic, and carpets are all going to slowly leech some compounds into the air, and plants will help absorb a share of this instead of your employees. While these airborne chemicals are not deadly, they lead to a difference you don’t notice until you step outside for some “fresh air”.


On top of purifying the air, plants are also going to regulate your office’s ambient humidity. When the office is too dry, plants naturally respirate water into the air. When the air is humid, plants cease to lose water, and can even absorb excess airborne water in extremely humid environments. Dry air makes your employees more susceptible to illness, so having an office plant service can really cut down on productivity lost to illness.


As one of Philadelphia’s top providers of office plant services, Plantscapes USA has been managing the planted offices throughout the greater Philadelphia area. We can help businesses lay out a plant design for their space that will really help add a degree of comfort to your office or storefront.


Once we create the perfect environment or determine the needs of your existing plants, our team of plant care experts will visit two to four times a month to check up on your interior plants. Any unhealthy plants will be replaced free of charge and we will water, feed, and clean the containers of all your indoor office plants.


If you want to make your office space more healthy and vibrant, Plantscapes USA can’t wait to help you find the perfect layout for your business. Let us take care of your plants and give your employees a happier and more productive environment.

Find Perfect Pots and Containers for Beautiful Indoor Plant Design with the Experts at Plantscapes USA

Beautiful interior plant design involves more than just selecting an array of lush succulents and plants. You have to find the containers that will keep your plants thriving. This is something you might not have considered when you were creating a collection of plants in your home. Instead, you might have only selected plant pots that complemented your design scheme. Sure, those colorful containers look great in your rooms, but what are they doing for, or to, your plants?


A careful inventory of the environment of your plant pots and containers may reveal soggy, sodden soil and decidedly droopy and sad plants. While you may be following the rules of care for your fiddle leaf fig, ficus, and philodendron, providing them with the proper levels of sunlight, water, and fertilizer, the fact is, if your plants aren’t in the right pots they just won’t thrive.



That’s because just like every plant is different, so too, is every container. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. There are pots made from clay or terra cotta, glazed ceramic, concrete, metal, stone, and resin. Some containers are square, some are cylindrical, while others are rectangular. When you search the selection of your town’s garden center or store, you will find deep or shallow pots and hanging containers or window boxes. If you’re the creative type, you can even make plant pots out of old cans, jars, and more.


With such a diverse selection of plant pots available, you could be wondering just what kind of containers are best for your interior plant design.


Well, the answer is that it really depends on the plant. Some plants like to be pot bound, while others need plenty of airy soil and space to reach their maximum green potential. Though plastic pots are inexpensive and durable, natural materials are often ideal because they are porous and provide the kind of airflow and drainage that plants need - so no more drenched, mildewy soil.


Cacti and succulents love shallow pots because the water drains and evaporates fast, creating the kind of arid soil that is similar to that found in the hot climates that make up their natural habitat, while vines, ivy, and dracaena prefer deep pots that let them grow in a kind of jumbled complexity reminiscent of jungles and tropical forests. Every plant should be in a container with good drainage holes so you don’t overwater them, but heavy plants and tall trees should be in a sturdy clay or cement container so they don’t tip over, and… well, you see what we’re getting at, don’t you?


It’s confusing, and if you don’t want to spend time worrying about it, but instead just want a home filled with the lush greenery of your favorite plants, then Plantscapes USA can help with your interior plant design. We’ll do the work for you. We’ll carefully examine the light sources and humidity levels in your home to determine what kind of plants (and pots) are best for your interiors. So stop trying to figure out what your plants want and let the foliage experts at Plantscapes USA help. We’ll create the perfect interior plant design for your home, so contact us at PlantscapesUSA.com to set up a free horticulture consultation now.

Plantscapes is the Place to Find Interior Design Plants in Philadelphia

So you’ve got a perfectly decorated condo in Center City. You’ve selected the sleekest furnishings, your walls are dotted with art and photographs, and you’ve even added some decorative objects to your tabletops and shelves, but somehow your place doesn’t seem done. It’s beautiful, yes, but a bit cold and impersonal. How do you bring your rooms together to make your space feel like home?


Easy. Just add a collection of lush plants from Plantscapes USA. We are the best interior landscaping company to find interior design plants in Philadelphia.


Ok…ok…we know. You’re not good with plants. You’ve tried. You’ve got bad memories of drooping dracaena and floundering ficus. Even the so-called simple to care for plants turned out to be not so simple. Remember those cactuses? Sigh. But don’t give up! You can fill your home with the most beautiful plants around.





With Plantscapes USA.


We can help, and the best thing is…we offer installation and maintenance services for your plants so you don’t have to.


Plantscapes USA will survey your place, taking note of the light source and air quality to select just the right plants for each room. This consult service is free and totally thorough.


Once we’ve determined just how to brighten your space with plants, we can get started on installation. We have an incredible selection of international ceramics for plant potting that you can choose from that will complement every type of decorating style and color scheme.


After your plants have been installed, Plantscapes USA will revisit weekly for plant maintenance, so you don’t have to wonder and worry about over or under watering. Our trained plant technicians will take care of everything. They will water and fertilize your plants, clean and polish any foliage that has gotten dusty, and monitor to see that the leaves and fronds look bright. What about repotting? Don’t worry. Plantscapes USA will do it, and even if plants aren’t ready for that yet, our technicians will make sure the soil is in the best condition, they will replenish it with fresh moss and bark when needed, and they will make sure the plant containers are in great condition, too.


What we’re trying to say is that we at Plantscapes USA will do everything we can to make sure that you have a home filled with the beauty of plants. With us, your rooms will have that sophisticated, yet cozy feel that you’re after, and your collection of plants will freshen the air and brighten your space. So stop thinking about those failed plants and start thinking about Plantscapes USA. We can create a beautiful and well-maintained array of plants (even dracaena and ficus) that will thrive in your home.


So, how do you get Plantscapes USA to fill your space with beautiful plants?


Contact us today at 610-329-3935 for your free horticulture consultation or visit us at PlantscapesUSA.com. We are the finest resource for interior design plants in Philadelphia and we just can’t wait to fill your place with plants and help you decorate your space with style.

Get the Perfect Plants for Offices in Philadelphia from Plantscapes U.S.A.

The office can be a place of high stress and anxiety for anyone. Whether you have an open office or are stuck in a cinderblock fishbowl with fluorescent lighting, anyone should be able to make their workspace greener and more inviting than it currently is. Plantscapes U.S.A. creates a beautiful and lush green setting for your workspace. We want your office space to look like you are spending the afternoon in Rittenhouse Square, if that’s what you want. Our unique and diverse array of plants is the perfect plants for offices in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a city that values nature, so we know how important it is to keep your workspaces fresh and green. Plants have been known to help workplace productivity, and many businesses agree that it is important to start adding them to the workplace to make the workspace more pleasant.



A study done by NASA showed that plants help to cleanse the air of harmful pollutants such as paints, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets, synthetic fabrics, and detergents. Your office building is tightly sealed which makes it a perfect place to have some fresh air plants to cleanse the air. These plants are perfect for helping to regulate the humidity, which can lead to illnesses like the flu or a cold when the air is too dry. Our plants are able to add a little bit of humidity to a dry or overheated office space. Washing State University conducted a study, which showed that when plants were in an office building, the humidity was stabilized at 30-60%, making it a pleasant environment to work in.


Realizing how important it is to make sure plants are brought into your office? We will gladly help you get started on bringing plants for offices in Philadelphia. We make sure to plan, install, and maintain your plants in your office space. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with whatever plants you chose as your office pieces. Our experience will ensure that we will create a clean and lush environment for any type of space. Some of the places we have installed plants in are reception areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, individual offices, and hallways. We can bring a green garden to any office space, no matter if it is big or small. We have decorated any type of businesses that range from car dealers to dentist offices to gym and workout facilities.


Bring some green to any space and create a welcoming space no matter what. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s okay. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about the upkeep of your plants; we’ll do that for you. Our plant maintenance in Philadelphia includes weekly visits by our trained professionals and special care for each unique plant you chose. We will also fertilize your plants as required so that it will continue to grow at a healthy pace. Our techs make sure that your place is fully pruned or extra foliage is removed and will be re-potted in Spanish Moss or bark if needed. We care about making sure that your plants live long and healthy lives, so make an appointment to see how we can enhance your office space to a green garden today.

Excellent Plant Maintenance in Philadelphia from Plantscapes U.S.A.

Get the high-quality plant maintenance Philadelphia offers with Plantscapes U.S.A. We’re a locally owned business founded by two individuals with a passion for all things plants. Whether it’s plant installation or maintenance, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with timely and effective care for all of your plant-based housing needs.


Our maintenance services include technicians that are trained to handle plants with the utmost care. They’ll make sure that your plants are properly taken care of. On a weekly basis, they’ll make their visits to ensure all plant life is receiving the right amount of nutrition and natural light. If there is any sort of unneeded additions such as foliage or weeds, they will be pruned and disposed of immediately.



If you’re looking for a replacement in your pottery, our maintenance program provides re-potting along with a fresh batch of soil to stimulate the plant’s roots. For stuffing purposes, we’ll also include Spanish Moss or bark to give the plants both stability and nutrition for its structure. You’ll be able to enjoy your flowers even more after we’ve given them the proper inspection and care it deserves. Whether these are plants for your company’s office, or something small and simple for your residential home, Plantscapes U.S.A is here to give you the best plant maintenance Philadelphia can provide.


Getting the right type of maintenance for your plants are important because they aren’t just for aesthetic, they’re actually known to improve the overall quality of the environment they are placed in. Much like natural lighting, plants can affect the overall mental health of those that spend large amounts of time in a singular indoor area. They improve the air quality of the room with the chemicals that they release into the air. These will counter the pollutants that are released by indoor necessities such as HVAC units or carpets. The better these plants are cared for, the more often these chemicals can be released, which will, in turn, benefit you and your co-workers (or employees) for the better. So why should you ask for regular plant maintenance for your office or home space? You’ll just be that much happier afterwards.


Humidity is a constant uncomfortable distraction, especially in hotter seasons such as summer, where it can be felt on an almost daily basis. A plant that is well taken care of will absorb all of that extra moisture in the air and keep humidity to a more stable 30-60%. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, plants can also add moisture to the air and keep that humidity under control. By keeping the humidity of certain spaces in check, those living in or constantly working in a space where the plants reside are less susceptible to humidity-based ailments such as the flu. At Plantscapes U.S.A, we’re not only using our plant maintenance services to take care of plants, but we’re also taking care of you and your peers.


If you’d like to see examples of our work, you can always go on to our website and look at the ‘Projects by Us’ category page. You’ll view our portfolio where we’ve applied our services in a number of different environments such as corporate events, family homes, and different outdoor areas that are meant for different seasons.


For any questions that you may have in regards to our services, do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to answer them in a timely manner to get your plants in shape. Contact us today!

Philadelphia is the Plant Heaven Place to Be

There’s something to be said about the luxury of lining your home or office with fresh and gorgeous houseplants. Having plants around us eases our minds and makes the air a little nicer to breath (literally); there’s really no downside to decorating with nature. When you do, you’ll see a better style emerge from your home, and a better style leads to better days. After all, our surroundings heavily impact our mood, so why not surround yourself with serenity? Plants have been making a name for themselves as a solid option for interior designers everywhere, and that’s since the dawn of man. When you’re looking for interior design plants Philadelphia based, you’re looking for Plantscapes USA. With deep knowledge and insight into different plants and how they thrive, Plantscapes USA is here to help make sure your plant needs are taken care of.



When you think of interior design plants Philadelphia isn’t exactly what pops into mind first, but why not? Some of the best interior designers come from these metropolitan hubs, and the University of the Arts lines Broad Street with some of the best interior decorators of the next generation! These designers know one thing will always remain constant when decorating your home: it has to feel like home. You can’t truly enjoy your living space unless you feel alive within it, and plants are the perfect way to boost your morale and improve your mood. It’s a well-known fact that being around nature is a healthy practice, but some of us can’t spend the time to go on a hike every now and then. For those that can’t, Plantscapes USA is here to revitalize your living space and bring nature to you!


With so many gorgeous plants to choose from, it can be a hassle figuring out which is the right choice for your home. Luckily, Plantscapes has the expertise that you need to deck out your lawn, office, or anywhere else with the plants that make it come to life! We want your life to improve, and that goes for anyone that enters your workspace or home! Interior decorating is complicated; fads come and go, but plants will always remain popular. That’s because plants make us feel connected with the outside world without having to leave the comfort of Summer’s much-needed air conditioning! No matter who you are, you can benefit from redecorating with the natural world in mind. There’s nothing better than a little green to make your day a little brighter!


So, what kind of plants are you looking for? Is it for your office? Your home? No matter where you’re trying to decorate, Plantscapes can help. We’ve got the professionals that understand how to artistically place plants within your space to boost morale and visually please anyone who enters! If you’re a little unsure of what you want, but know that you want something, feel free to contact us! We’re eager to help steer our customers in the direction that suits them best, and we’ll do anything we can to make sure that your experience is superb!